Truly Inspiring: Woman Doesn’t Even Pretend to Wash Her Hands in Bar Bathroom

Mel Gibbons, 21-year-old senior at Boston University, was at the bar Fog this past Saturday night. After doing three tequila shots with a lemon because the bar had tragically run out of limes, she needed to pee. Mel looked for her girlfriends for a whole three seconds, but didn’t see them so she embarked on her journey to the bathroom by herself.

After giving a wink to the DJ, Mel stumbled down the steps in her heels and waited on the five person line to pee. When she finally got in the stall, making sure she squat to avoid germs, she got a text from her friend.

Hannah: where r u i lost u and we r tryna leave.

And that’s when Mel realized it: she didn’t have to even pretend to wash her hands when she left the stall because she would never see any of these girls again.

Mel then reportedly pulled up her thong, pulled down her tube dress, checked herself in the mirror as she walked out, and didn’t even glance at the sink.

“It was truly inspiring,” says Laura, a Fog regular.  “I have never seen someone neglect to at least get their hands wet, and she did it without a second thought.”

Another woman who happened to witness the act of fearlessness, gave us her reaction.

“That girl is brave,” said Andy. “She did what we all want to do, but won’t. She’s the hero we want, but don’t deserve.”

Mel will receive no medals for her courageous act of honesty, but she will be remembered by all bar-goers each time we pretend to wash our hands in the bathroom sink.

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