Two Friends Start Podcast to Discuss Other Friends’ Fucked Up Relationships

Alicia Banks and Cassidy Brooks favorite pastime has always been talking about their other friends’ inability to foster healthy, lasting relationships. After hours spent conversing over others’ issues, the pair realized they were actually really good at psychoanalyzing. Instead of just chatting about it over mani pedis, the two thought why not just make our deep conversations about our friends into a podcast?

“For the amount of time we spend dissecting our friends’ behavior,” says Alicia, “we should at least have an audience and possibly get Blue Apron sponsorship out of it!”

The podcast, titled We Know What’s Wrong With You!, airs biweekly. On the podcast, the two girls cover topics like “why does Becca always date guys who treat her like shit?” or “are we sure Meghan is into men?” or “this is the third time Anastasia has cheated on her boyfriend, is it possible she has intimacy issues?”

What started as a way to prove that Alicia and Cassidy had more emotional competence than their friends’ turned into a complete avoidance of any of their own struggles.

“Our podcast is an hour out of our day where we can just forget about our own troubles with men,” says Cassidy, who hasn’t been able to maintain a healthy relationship since Obama’s first term.

When their friends starting to realize they were the subject of the podcast, they were (rightly) outraged.

“My failures are mine to own, why are they being talked about in someone’s basement on a podcast that most likely no one is listening to?” asked Anastasia Fields, who has now cheated on four men.

Though they’ve lost most of their friends because of it, Alicia and Cassidy don’t plan on stopping their podcast any time soon.

“People need to live their truth,” said Alicia, “and this podcast is our truth. Also, we need money.”

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