We Asked These Women ‘Eggs?’ and Their Answers Will Shock You

Tough questions are a cornerstone of journalism. Here at The Pink Canoe, we strive to give women a platform to express their most deeply held beliefs, and offer a wide range of opinions. We asked the following women, “eggs?” Their answers are finally shedding light on this important issue.

Maddie, 19 Northampton, MA-Film Student at Chapman University: “Oh my god, it is so important that people are talking about this. If you look at any mainstream media, they’re completely ignoring these issue. It’s disgusting really. The fact that people can just write off such an important women’s issue just goes to show we have so much work to do. We need to change things, and stop rehashing the same tired rhetoric that accomplishes nothing.”

Trish, 27 Los Angeles, CA-Publicist: “I don’t know. It’s just such a sensitive issue right now. I think both sides need to be more receptive and less combative. It’s like, are we really learning anything just by getting angry? Who can really be sure they’re ever right about anything?”

Angela, 43 Chicago, IL-Attorney: “I just think young kids are so sensitive about these things. If you ask me women in their 20’s just take so much for granted. They have no idea what hard work is, and if they’d just listen to me then maybe they’d be happier.”

Lucy, 22 Trenton, NJ-Sephora Sales Clerk: “Oh my god, they’re awesome. I sold one in college and it paid for my spring break trip to Cancun. It wasn’t even one of mine!”

Judith, 88 Palm Beach, FL-Retired: “I don’t even know anymore. Just please let me die in peace.”

There you have it. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to eggs, but starting a conversation gets us one step closer.

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