We Asked Your Aunt Kathy What She Thinks of Your New Profile Picture And You Won’t Believe What She Said

This past weekend we reached out to your Aunt Kathy to find out what she thinks of your new profile picture. Despite having been on Facebook for years at this point, she still doesn’t quite know how to use it. We sent her a message, and in response she video messaged us later that day by accident. Honestly we didn’t know Facebook even offered a video message feature.

Aunt Kathy always has a lot to say about your posts, good and bad, so you’re never left to wonder what she’s thinking. Your new profile picture is of you wearing a beanie, laughing at something hilarious happening off-camera, and drinking mulled wine. It’s outdoors in front of a brick wall. The lighting is amaze. It only took you 15 takes to get it just right. It’s so candid, and so cute. Your crush Brett commented three fire emojis (OMG!). Your BFF Lisa commented heart eyes emoji. But what did your Aunt Kathy have to say about it?

“HI sweetie Aunt KAthy here, U look beutifuL LOL be safe see U at Christams XOXO PS wjat is in that cup LOL be safe”

And there you have it. We will update this article if she decides to reply to any other comments posted to your profile pic.

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