Weathermen Jobs Become Obsolete Due to Girls’ Instagram Stories

Earlier this week, news broke that a ‘polar vortex’ would hit the midwest and northeast – causing a nationwide panic. As weathermen across the country prepared to have their moment on local news stations, they were saddened to see that news of the cold front had already broke—on girl’s Instagram stories.

“It seems most everyone already knew about the frigid temperatures” said David CrossHall, the weather reporter for KTLA Chicago, “but not from me, from @amanduhhh’s IG story of the snow outside her window.”

People wondering what they should wear aren’t tuning into their local weather forecasts, they’re opening Instagram to see what @shot_of_tequila_plz posted to her story. Spoiler: it’s a selfie of her walking on the windy street with the caption “why am I outside?”

We can all agree that it’s sad to see an age-old industry dwindle to newer forms of technology. But there’s nothing more exciting than opening your Instagram to see 23 people freaking out over how cold it is outside.

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