What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Probably a Werewolf But You Aren’t Ready to Have That Kind of Talk Yet

New love can be exhilarating. Seeing his name pop up on your phone screen causes butterflies in your tummy, and holding hands in public warms you all over. But new love can also be stressful. You’re faced with the task of opening up to someone new, and revealing all parts of yourself. You want to be vulnerable and open, but what do you do when you can tell he isn’t matching your vulnerability? He’s incredibly hairy. He hates your mailman. Once a month he disappears, and then the next morning there are stories on the news of disemboweled bodies found in the park. Is there any connection? Maybe, but it’s hard to know for sure when he won’t open up. When you’ve only been together for a few months, talking about the future can be scary. You don’t want to get too comfortable too soon. It’s daunting to ask him if he eventually wants kids, or if he’s a werewolf. Here are some steps to take when you find yourself in the situation of realizing your boyfriend is probably a werewolf, but you two aren’t ready to have that kind of talk yet:


Build Up Trust

Let him know it’s okay if he’s a werewolf by showing your comfort around all canines. If you two are walking down the street and you spot a dog, go out of your way to interact with the dog. If your neighbor gets a new pup, ask if you and your boyfriend can come over to play with it. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Show your man you’re okay with a little slobber and fur. Show him he can trust you.


Show Him Your Flaws

You know you aren’t perfect – who is? Nobody, that’s who. Our flaws make us who we are. So what if he’s a werewolf? You wear a retainer at night. And sometimes you let the dishes sit in the sink for a week straight. Heck, you even pick your nose. Let him see your insecurities. This will help him open up about his own insecurity: the fact that he’s a werewolf.


Look At It From His Perspective

Step into his shoes for a moment. If you were a were a werewolf, would you be quick to open up about it? Probably not. There’s such a stigma attached to the title of werewolf in this day and age, so many stereotypes and misconceptions. It would probably take some time for you to feel comfortable enough to open up to him, so respect that he’s taking his time. When he’s ready to share, he will. In the meantime make sure you’re being as supportive as possible. You definitely don’t want to upset him. Because he’s a werewolf.


Focus On What You Want

Yes, he’s a werewolf. And yes, this is mostly about him. But it’s also about you! Don’t lose yourself in trying to appease him and in helping him feel comfortable. You also need to take into consideration whether or not you want to date a werewolf. They can be temperamental, especially during a full moon. Is this something you’re ready to take on? What if your time of the month lines up with his, is this something you feel capable of handling? Don’t push yourself too hard. You’ve gotta look out for yourself. And keep an eye on him, he’s a werewolf.


Enjoy What You Have

This is a new relationship, it’s supposed to be fun! Don’t let your enjoyment be muddied by details like him being a werewolf. You’re dating him for him, so keep in mind all of his positive traits. Is he smart? Funny? Caring? What first attracted you to him? Maybe it was his slightly pointed ears or wild hair. Maybe it was his sharp teeth. Whatever it was, don’t lose sight of it. He’ll open up when he’s ready. He has to – he can’t hide being a werewolf forever. He’s going to tear through every shirt you buy him, ruin every pair of pants, and quite possibly destroy the apartment if you two eventually move in together. These are things he’ll have to address. So in the meantime, enjoy the honeymoon phase.

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