When This High Schooler Couldn’t Afford to Attend Prom, All the Students Decided to Take Their Prom Photos On Her Front Lawn Just to Rub it In

What an amazing story! When students from South Seaport High School found out that Mary Livingston couldn’t afford the $50 ticket to prom, they did something no one expected: they decided to take pictures on her front lawn just to rub it in that she was too poor to attend.

Jared Michaels, the ringleader of this whole operation, said the popular kids were joking about doing it during a kickback at Meghan Tovell house last Saturday.

“Everyone was laughing and saying how funny it would be if we actually did it,” said Jared, “so we decided just do it…. to DO IT FOR THE VINE!”

The cool kids, including Jared and Meghan who’ve been hooking up for all of senior year even though she has a boyfriend at Penn State, orchestrated the whole event just to make fun of Mary’s financial situation. They rolled up to Mary’s house, in the poor part of town, and started snapping pictures of their sprayed tanned bodies in Burlington Coat Factory prom dresses.

Everyone’s Snapchat stories were out of control that day. Sadly, literally no one expect these ten popular kids at South Seaport High thought this was funny. Better luck next time!

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