‘Who Is Kylie?’ Cool Girl Doesn’t Seem To Know Who Any of the Kardashians Are

Margot Devlin, a cool girl ever since she wore overalls to her high school graduation, swears she doesn’t know who any of the Kardashians are. Margot doesn’t watch reality TV or read tabloids, so how would she know anything about the most famous family of the 21st century?

“I know Kim only because she did the sex tape,” says Margot, ironically sucking on a lollipop, “but other than that I’ve never even seen a picture of the others. How many are there even?”

Margot, who can be found most weekends smoking a joint in her friend’s garage recording studio, would prefer to spend her time reading Rupi Kaur’s poetry or covering her converse in ironic glitter stickers. She doesn’t have time to ‘keep up’.

When we asked Margot to pull the Kardashians out of a lineup, she picked out pictures of the cast of Riverdale, a show which she’d also never even heard of before.

“I’m not up on pop culture,” says Margot, who still owns a cracked iPhone 4. “I’m too busy producing a short film about the rising rave scene in Myanmar.”  

Margot also didn’t know that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up or that Miley Cyrus was a good girl again. She seems to be completely unaware of things that other women are up to date on.

While she made a convincing case, we still don’t trust that Margot is this oblivious. There is no way anyone in 2017 isn’t somewhat knowledgeable about the Kardashian/Jenner dynasty, no matter how anti-mainstream you are. Margot, we’re calling your bluff.

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