‘Why I Stay Complicit’ By Ivanka Trump


I believe that we each get one life and it’s up to us to live it to the fullest.

And now that I have finally learned the definition of the word, that is why I stay complicit.

When my dad first asked me to assume my responsibilities in the White House, the first thing I did was decide to be as complicit as possible. I mean look, I’m in an incredibly powerful position. The entire world is watching me and for years, I’ve told everyone how liberal I am. Now, my daddy (who also wants to fuck me?) is the most powerful man in the free world. So what do I do to help the poor and downtrodden? Absolutely nothing.

“But Ivanka!” you may say, “You have your dad’s ear! You can really use your platform to promote change and compassion and tolerance!” To which I say, have you been handed everything you’ve ever wanted in your life? Have you lived a life full of the utmost privilege, never having to fear anything because of your race, sexual orientation, abilities, etc.? Have you lived a life in which the only challenge you’ve ever faced is what to do if your nanny wants to take a two day vacation to visit her family back home and you actually have to spend time with your children for 48 hours? No? Then you can’t criticize me.

All of the horrible, depraved things my father is doing have no impact on me whatsoever. So why not allow him to roll back Obama’s initiatives to close the gender pay gap? It won’t affect me.

I could do good. I could stand for progress. I could fight for the rights of women everywhere. I could speak up against nazis, white supremacists, and every other racist that has crawled out of the woodwork since my father has taken office.  But that just won’t do anything for me. So why bother?

Live your life to the fullest. Just as long as it is for you and only you. Because helping change the world for people less privileged than you does nothing for your own personal gain.

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