Why I Stopped Apologizing for Who I Am and Started Apologizing on Behalf of All White People

I’ve always been self-conscious of who I am. Growing up, I was never able to just be myself. Always trying to fit in with the “cool girls” or do things so boys would like me. I stopped being me and started being societies version of the “perfect” girl. And it’s taken up until recently for me to stop apologizing for who I am. Instead, now I just apologize on behalf of all white people.

I no longer say sorry when someone doesn’t like me and have started saying sorry when another shit white person does something totally racist and disgusting. I’m not remorseful for being myself, but you know what I am regretful of? The abhorrent actions of my white brothers and sisters!

So ya, I’ll never again apologize for my individualities, but I WILL tweet a public apology on behalf of every disgusting repulsive white person who continues to tout their privilege all over this goddamn country!!!!

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