Why Spending $200 a Week So I Can Manipulate My Therapist Into Liking Me Is Worth It

I’ve been going to therapy for a few months now. I decided to go because I wanted to learn more about myself and work through some issues I’d been struggling with. Sure, it’s about $200 out of pocket since I don’t have good insurance, but I think the money is worth it, considering she seems to really like me.

During our first session, my therapist, Miranda, and I mostly talked about what brought me to therapy. But all that talk was boring! I wanted her to get to know real me-the type of person who needs unrelenting praise. I noticed her J Crew leopard loafers and thought, maybe we could bond over our love of fashion. Miranda seemed to be more interested in my deep seated abandonment issues, but I keep persisting we talk about her adorable shoes (which really accentuated her thin ankles).

Over the next few weeks, I found out Miranda’s coffee order after following her to Starbucks and made sure to bring her a vanilla latte to each session. The $4 coffees were starting to add up, especially because I was shelling out two hundo a week just so a stranger could comfort my longstanding self-doubts. But I could tell Miranda was warming up to me.

Every time I brought up a fight with a friend, Miranda always took my side. When I told her about that time my boyfriend in high school dumped me and then called me fat, she said he was emotionally abusive. She even went as far as to say that I seemed to be making really progress! It seems like I might be in the running for her favorite client!

Even though I’ve been feeling a lot better mentally, I think I’ll keep seeing Miranda. She really values who I am and compliments my hair often (which is now a modern layered bob, just like Miranda’s). I may not be able to afford gas or groceries right now, but at least someone is feeding my delicate ego!

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