Woman Has Best Day of Her Life After Ex’s New Girlfriend Gets Unflattering Haircut

Stephanie Byrne, a 24-year-old sales associate at Anthropologie, had been having a rough time.

“Honestly, I was feeling very down. I found out my ex started seeing someone after we’d only been broken up for four months. It felt fast. I called him a lot about it, but he stopped answering.”

She and her ex, James McArthur, dated for six months before calling it quits. Stephanie and James, a CrossFit trainer, had met at a bar. They bonded over the fact that they were drinking the same thing: a vodka soda with lime juice. It was fate.

“We just instantly clicked, you know?” Stephanie reminisced. “We were meant to be. But then we broke up, and the next thing I knew he started dating Melanie.”

Stephanie found out about McArthur’s new romance through a friend who spotted them out together.

“I of course immediately looked her up on Facebook,” said Stephanie. “She looked kind of cute, but also kind of stupid, you know? Like she had these huge glasses on that were too big for her weirdly small face, and she clearly thought they made her look smart. And also, her profile was public. Stupid.”

Stephanie regularly checked Melanie Bishop’s profile without adding her as a friend, until one day the unthinkable happened: “I accidentally liked one of her pictures. She blocked me after that.”

As a result of the block, Stephanie learned of Bishop’s new haircut through a work friend.

“I asked my friend at work, Megan, to start checking Melanie’s profile some mornings. Just to see it, you know? Nothing weird. Anyway, one day I asked Megan to look, and she told me Melanie had gotten a haircut. She showed me the picture…I just remember sobbing from pure joy. It was such an ugly cut. I mean, she’s got this tiny round face and these big glasses, and she decided to get this weird bowl cut. I think she was going for a pixie cut, but it’s not that. She looks like a ten-year-old boy from the 80’s.”

Stephanie went on to say, “I had Megan print the picture for me, and I carry it around in my wallet now. The day I first saw the haircut was honestly the best day of my life. I felt so confident, I marched straight into my boss’ office and asked for a raise. And I got it! Then I went shopping after work and found this gorgeous black dress that fits me so well. I got my nails done, I made myself a nice salmon dinner, and then I went on Tinder for a bit and had like ten matches in one night!”

Stephanie feels her spirits are higher than they’ve been in years, and she joyfully looks forward to watching Bishop’s hair grow back in a series of awkward phases.

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