Woman is a Feminist Until She’s Hanging Out With Her Misogynist Boyfriend Derek

We can’t be women’s rights warriors all the time, am I right ladies?

Carrie Carpenter, recent college grad from Greenwich, Connecticut, is a huge feminist – that is, until she is hanging out with her misogynist boyfriend Derek.

She met her boyfriend Derek at a fraternity party Junior year in the basement of a DKE satellite house. Even though Carrie spent most of her days preaching about women’s rights, she couldn’t help but be completely enamored by Derek’s male chauvinist vibe.

“I know that Derek goes against everything I believe in,” says Carrie, “but I just love his washboard abs and his ability to shotgun three beers at a time.”

Some friends of Carrie have started to notice the blatant hypocrisy of  the situation. Fellow member of the ‘Feminism is Sexy’ club, Astrid Martin, shared her discontent with Carrie.

“It’s like Carrie is a different person when she’s with Derek.” Says Astrid. “She laughs at all his sexist jokes and even willingly watches Tosh.0. It’s disgusting!”

Carrie, who did attend the Women’s March in her local town, left early to walk in Derek’s fraternity’s swimsuit competition.

Even though Carrie has set aside everything she believes in just for a guy, she still tries her hardest to be a good women’s rights activist during the hours she isn’t hanging out with Derek.

“I spend a lot of my morning canvassing for Planned Parenthood or knitting pussy hats for me and my friends,” says Carrie, “but once Derek asks to hang out, all of that goes out the window.”

Carrie hopes that the work she’s doing just during the day will inspire more women around her to join the fight against the patriarchy. Because, as Carrie would say, isn’t 8 hours of the day enough?

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