Woman Lives In Constant Fear of Running Into Friend She Forgot To Text Back

Claire Albano didn’t always live a life of fear. She used to be the outgoing, adventurous member of her friend group. She was the life of every party and always up for trying the newest restaurant. That all changed six months ago. Albano was changing her sheets—she’d just gotten a new set from Target, on sale—when she received a text from her friend Colleen that read, “Hey girl! Miss you. Brunch soon??” Albano thought to herself, let me just get the top sheet tucked and then I’ll respond. But by the time she finally managed to get precise, hotel edges on the corners of the bed, she’d forgotten all about Colleen’s text. She never responded.

Now, six months later, Albano’s life is totally different.

“I had to switch grocery stores,” Albano shares. “We used to go the same Mariano’s and would run into each other every so often, and we’d usually get a glass of wine at the bar they have inside. No matter what time of day it was, we’d always get a glass of wine,” Albano recalls with a tearful chuckle, “but not anymore.”

There are those that question Albano’s new way of living. She says she has been asked many times why she doesn’t simply text Colleen back now.

“I couldn’t. I’m so embarrassed. What would I even say? ‘Sorry for the delay, it’s been a busy six months?’ No. That’s ridiculous. I just have to avoid her. Forever.”

The hardest part in all of this, according to Albano, is the impending Butler University class of 2013 five-year reunion, which she will now have to skip.

“I was really looking forward to going,” says Albano. “We both were. We met at Butler, after all. We were roommates freshman year. But now I can’t go. I can’t face her. It’s too hard,” Albano confesses, bursting into tears. “I just miss my friend. But I can’t see her now, not after this!”

Albano says, despite her fear of running into Colleen, she’s trying to return to a normal life. She’s developed a new routine at her new grocery store, has begun a new route to work (one that won’t lead her past Colleen’s apartment), and has even gotten lunch with a mutual friend.

“That was scary,” she says, “but she didn’t bring up Colleen at all, or say Colleen had been talking about me or calling me a bad friend anything, which I was worried about.”

Albano hopes to put this entire incident behind her, and not let the fear control her any longer.

“Some things are out of our hands. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to fix this situation, so why should I let fear control me here? I’m ready to move on!”

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