Woman Tests Out Joke in Two Whole Group Texts Before Tweeting

26-year-old Kristen Beavers of Coeur d’Alene, ID got nine likes and two retweets on her latest banger.

Beavers, who usually tweets in response to celebrity gossip, Mercury being in retrograde, or bad Tinder dates, started workshopping this tweet two weeks ago in a group text.

“It just came up organically,” said Beavers. “My best girls from college had been blowing me up all morning after Kelsey asked us ‘what’s the deal with this net neutrality stuff’ and so I responded: ‘Having opinions is exhausting’ and that’s when a star was born.”

According to Molly Tate, a fellow member of the original group text thread, Beavers’ statement really resonated.

“We were all like ‘LOL’ and like ‘OMG girl STOP’ but like, you know, stop in a good way,” said Tate. “Not like STOP stop. Like, stop being so funny. You know what I mean.”

But Tate and the other girls’ support weren’t enough for Beavers to take this statement to the public.

“Listen, those girls are my ride or die. But I had to know if it could stand alone, so I took it to another group thread.

Bad B!tch3s, a group thread comprised of Kristin Beavers and three former coworkers from the Gap in Silver Lake Mall, had been silent for the week preceding Beavers’ text: “Ugh, having opinions is so exhausting.”

After five minutes, one former coworker responded “what?”

“I was beginning to lose hope,” said Beavers, “but then like an hour later my girl Amanda came through with an ‘OMG haha so true’ and that’s when I knew.”

She had a fire tweet on her hands.

Ever since Beavers released this tweet, she has been trying to replicate her success by workshopping her jokes in four separate group threads.

“I’ve tried everything from quips about being a fire sign to sassy denouncements of men as a whole, and none of them have really landed in the same way.”

But Beavers is not giving up.

“Someday, I’ll be more famous than @Betches. You’ll see. Wait…is that a good tweet?”

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