Woman Texts “Sucks :(” in Response to Friend’s Detailed Account of Emotional Trauma


When Alyssa Martin broke up with her boyfriend of just two months, she leaned heavily on her closest friends for emotional support. Close friend Becca Green even took a sick day from work to help Alyssa cope.

But just weeks later, Becca sent Alyssa paragraph long texts about the passing of her grandfather. Alyssa simply texted “Sucks :(“ in response.

“It was a super difficult time for me,” explained Becca, “Like I’ve spent every summer with PopPop since I was six. And I felt like he understood me better than most of my family members. And honestly, I thought that Alyssa understood me better than most of my friends, but I guess not.”

Alyssa felt her response to the tragic news actually counted as sympathy for her friend.

“Oh, yeah. I sent her a frowny face, cause, like, that’s so sad,” recounted Alyssa, “I mean, well, like it’s sad. But it’s not like SAD sad. I mean everyone’s grandpa dies. People get old and stuff.”

According to Becca, Alyssa never followed up to ask for any details about her loss. Instead the next text she received from Becca had to do with Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy announcement.

“OMG can you believe Kylie’s sisters kept the secret for so long?” reads Alyssa’s next text to Becca, sent just hours later. This text was followed moments later by another, reading: “Especially Khloe. You KNOW she wanted to spill.” Followed by a crying emoji.

When Becca tried to confront Alyssa about her lack of emotional support, she just responded with “Ah, I’m sorry!”

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