Woman’s Waist Trainer Actually Trains Waist to Sit, Speak, and Roll Over

The FDA administered a recall for all waist trainers after an Indianapolis woman reported that her waist trainer did not reduce the size of her waist, but instead trained her waist to sit, speak, and roll over.

Julia Banks, 36, said she was in the middle of a pilates class when she heard a strange sound coming from her abdomen.

“At first, I thought my stomach was growling,” Banks says. “I hadn’t eaten in a few hours, so I didn’t think much of it.”

Banks said after a few moments, she realized the sound was actually a barking noise.

“It sounded just like my dog,” she claims. “It totally threw off the energy in the room, so I rolled up my mat and left. My stomach kept barking until I ate the granola bar I had in my bag.”

Banks says things seemed normal until she got home and was greeted by her pitbull, Apollo. When Banks commanded Apollo to sit, she claims she sat down too, involuntarily.

“It was the weirdest thing. It was like my body forced me to sit down,” she explained. “And when Apollo stood back up, so did I.”

Later that day, Banks says she took Apollo to the park for a few hours to play, still wearing her waist trainer.

“I told him to roll over, and the next thing I know, I’m on the ground rolling over too.”

According to Banks, there were other dogs at the park, which made leaving nearly impossible

“Every time we tried to leave, I was stopped by other dog owners playing fetch with their dogs.”

Banks claims she played fetch approximately 16 times before successfully leaving the park.

“This went on for about two weeks, until I finally took my waist trainer off,” says Banks. “My waist size hadn’t changed, but I suddenly knew how to shake, play dead, and call 9-1-1 with my nose.”

That is when Banks realized her waist trainer was to blame, and called the brand’s customer service.

The FDA is looking into other cases of malfunctioning waist trainers. It’s currently investigating a woman in San Diego, who claims that since she started wearing her waist trainer, she cannot stop “going potty” outside.

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