7 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Will Also Remind Everyone You Voted for Hillary

Ladies! It’s Halloween and you still haven’t decided what you’re going as? Well, last year you dressed as Rosie the Riveter because, duh, Hillary was going to win and girl power was all the rage! But this time around, wearing a cute bandana and red lipstick won’t be enough.

You need to remind all your friends, family, and random strangers you meet at your coworker’s house party that you voted for Hillary in the 2016 election. Tweeting memes of Hill-dawg dancing in a power suit isn’t enough, okay? So we came up with 7 halloween costumes that will remind everyone that you voted for Hillary.


Sexy Nurse

Show the world that you support affordable healthcare for everyone!


Sexy Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruthie has still got it. Don’t let the world forget it.


Slutty Hurricane Irma

Remind people of how Trump dropped out of the Paris Climate agreement right before we had one of the worst hurricane seasons ever! I would say dress up as Slutty Hurricane Harvey, but there are a couple too many Harveys messing people up in the world right now.


Sexy Mosaic

Hillary did shatter the glass ceiling after all.


Sexy Planned Parenthood Worker

Just cut your NARAL shirt into a crop top and wear the shortest shorts you own.


Sexy Deer 

Forget slutty cats. Dress up as an animal that will remind people of the beauty wild animals so that they will stop claiming that they need guns for hunting. The NRA will be shook!


Sexy Flight Attendant

Show how much you support immigration! And maybe you’ll get TSA pre-check into someone’s pants for the night 😉

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