8 Looks From Fashion Week That You Most Certainly Cannot Pull Off So Stop Kidding Yourself

Following trends from New York Fashion Week is a great way to update your wardrobe for the spring. Remember though, high fashion is not something everyone can pull off. For example, you cannot pull it off! Celebrities may look amaze strutting around in oversized coats and funky heels, but you will look like a freak if you attempt to copy the look. Here are the top looks celebrities were spotted sporting during fashion week that you most certainly cannot pull off.


Adidas Tracksuit Under a Sleeveless Trench Coat

While a hot former Disney darling looked absolutely fierce in this, you will look more like you just went through a rough breakup and made a half-assed attempt at using a trench coat to hide the track suit you’ve worn for a week straight before heading to CVS for more wine. If you wore this to work you would be severely underdressed, and if you wore this to work out, you would be ridiculously overdressed. Try something else.


Oversized Blue Fur Coat

A renowned actress made this coat look so good you momentarily forgot that fur is murder. However, keep in mind that if you wore the same coat you would look like a little kid playing dress up in Grandma’s closet. Do. Not. Attempt.


Military Inspired Blazer With Studded Gaucho Pants

A reality-television-star-turned-model can make anything look good, and this look is no exception. I want to be in whatever army she’s leading. This look on you, though? Middle school emo phase vibes. Those pants didn’t look good on you in 2006, and they won’t look good on you now. Learn from your past mistakes.


Extra Large Red Knit Sweater With Matching Red Pants

Everyone’s favorite television personality slash twitter queen may look hot as hell in this look, but you will look like a street performer making a pathetic attempt at dressing as Elmo. Trust me. People may throw you a dollar bill or two out of sympathy, but that’s not really what you’re going for. Steer clear.


Beige Crew Neck Sweatshirt Dress

One half of the world’s most famous twins looks très sophisticated in this, but you will look like a giant, walking penis. Don’t even think about it.


Colorful, Funky Stilettos

A former girl band member, now fashion icon, is the only person who can pull off these shoes. She is werking it. You, on the other hand, will never have an occasion for which these are appropriate. First of all, the stilettos cost more than your rent, and people will be able to tell. Second of all, the fanciest event you’ve ever been to is your cousin’s wedding. Stop kidding yourself.


Rodeo-Inspired High Waisted Jeans and Western Button Up

A famous rockstar’s daughter looks chic and ready for anything in this getup. Listen to me when I tell you: you will look like the horse girl from high school that no one wanted to sit with. If you attempt this look, you may as well start spending your lunch breaks in the bathroom at work drawing horses into a notebook. Just…don’t.


Thigh High Yellow Leather Boots

A former first-daughter may be shocking everyone with how grown up and stylish she looks in these boots, but she’s got the confidence to work them. You, my dear, will undoubtedly look like you threw on your sexiest waders before heading out fly fishing. Pass.


The key to using New York Fashion Week as inspiration for your wardrobe makeover is to keep in mind that you are not a rich, famous person. Take an accessory here or a color palette there and let those inspire you, but never attempt to mimic a full look. You most certainly cannot pull any of these looks off, so stop kidding yourself.

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