Get Him to Notice You by Dressing Up as a Clown, But Don’t, Like, Kill Anyone!

You can obviously get a guy to hook up with you whenever you want, and nobody’s doubting that, bb. Sometimes, getting a guy to hook up with you becomes too easy though, and you may want to try spicing things up. When that happens, try dressing up as a clown to land a man, but make sure to not actually kill anyone!

 Any woman can put on a pair of yoga pants, and sure, her curves will be perfectly accentuated, or if she doesn’t have any, her thinness will be even more noticeable. But, this isn’t amateur hour anymore. Dressing up as a clown shows a man how much you care about this hook up and also how fascinating of a time he can expect.

When you dress as a clown, you will also enjoy the added benefit of using your outfit to indicate how zany you are. You’re not like other girls who are oh, so basic; you’re a frickin’ clown! When you post a pic of your kooky outfit to insta, you can expect to get about 300 like and comments such as “ OMG!! what??? Why did you do this?”

There’s truly no greater turn-on than trying to make a guy laugh while you have fake blue tears running down your cheeks. Additionally, your oversized clown trousers will indicate to him that there’s enough room in there for two. Ladies, how hot will it be when he asks if it’s okay to literally get into your pants with you?

This is not the time for you to skimp on an outfit or makeup. It is very important that you fully commit to being a clown. This means you will need a frowny face painted on over your mouth, a brightly colored wig, and huge clown shoes. You should feel free to get creative. Accessorize with a flower pot hat or a floppy bow tie! If you are really feeling your clown aesthetic, try adding a flower pin that squirts water. It’s a cute prank, and while you squirt him with the water, you can whisper, “I want you to do this to my flower tonight.”

 Before you dress up as a clown to land a man, I should issue you a word of caution. Dressing up as a clown is obviously very quirky, and while it is important that you have fun, make sure you don’t get too carried away. I’m sure you have all seen clowns killing people in movies. You should not do this. I know that killing people while dressed like a clown seems like it could be really cute, and it would be, but honestly, it just isn’t worth the jail time. 

Ladies, honk your red noses and ride off into the sunset on a tricycle, while juggling bowling pins. You will land a man in no time. Just please make sure you don’t kill anyone!

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